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This Website is meant to teach you about space, the solar system, and exo-planets.
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Section 1

Outer Space

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Youtube is a place where you can learn a lot! heres a video on space.

Without Further adue, lets get started!

Outer space is a Beautiful yet insane place, and if you think you've seen it all, then you're not even close. From Planets that rain diamonds, to alien life, space has so much to see!

To give you an idea of exactly how small earth is, heres a universe scale. It starts with our Solar system, and then moves on to our galaxy, then moves on to our local group of galaxys, then moves on to all the groups of galaxys, then to the cosmic web, and finally to the afterglow of the big bang.

Yikes! our universe is BIG! But is it even a uni verse? when you say universe, you obviously know it means one place. There are theorys however, that claim otherwise. Multiverses, Multiverses Where you are Different, and much more. What if you made different choices on each universe, and existed on each one? What if there were more universes? We will get to that soon.

Space is a cool place, Some interesting facts about space are; There is a diamond planet, called 55 Cancri E, worth about twenty-nine point nine nonillion dollars! that's 29 0's! there are potentially habitable planets, most of unknown space is made of dark matter, and the fact that most Galaxys, even ours, have a super massive black hole in the center.

Black holes are not always huge, they can even be atom sized! They dont let anything escape their grasp, not even light, thus their black color. A black hole is formed when a star caves in on itself, instead of exploding in a Supernova explosion.

Black holes might have a twin! White holes, as we call them, are the supposed opposite of Black holes, so instead of swallowing matter, they should hurl it out.

There are theories as to how White holes come about. One says that White holes may be atom sized things, Another says that they are a dying Black hole, and one even says that Black holes have a worm hole inside that leads to a White hole. What do you think?

Technically, White holes dont exist because we dont have any proof. It was only a little while ago that Black holes existed only in our minds as well though, so mabye White holes will suprise us.

Alright, back to the Multiverse theory. One Multiverse theory says that the Multivereses might have the same base, with different outcomes. That means you are on each Multiverse, but you make different choices, and so does everyone else! This is the Parralell Universe theory. An infinite number of Universes in the Multiverse.

The cold spot, a part of our Universe thats freezing cold and pitch black, shouldn't exist! Why? Its too big! The cold spot is 2 billion light years wide, and can hold a million milky ways inside of it! voids like The cold spot should only be 30 light years wide, not two billion!

The cold spot is unexplainable, so some people think that it might be a spot where our Universe collided with another. This might be the truth, but it might not be. Do you think there is a Multiverse? we will never know if there actually is.

Before we go to the next section I thought I would blow your mind a few more times. Here are some amazing space facts.

1. Supernovas: Black holes are stars that cave in on themselves. Supernovas are stars that go out with a bang! Literally! Supernovas are beautiful exploding stars that light up the sky. One Supernova lasted one minute instead of a few seconds, and one called 1987a looked like a bowtie. Our sun will not go Supernova or become a Black hole, sadly, its to small. It will instead become a White Dwarf.

2. Black Dwarfs: Black Dwarfs are another star lifestage. Stars take so long to become black dwarfs, there are none known in the universe! learn more about them here.

3. Space Water: Yep, there's water in space. It is in the form of a vapor cloud, and its luckily 12 billion light years away, so dont worry.

4. Galaxy Collision: Galaxys can collide, and our example is our own one! The Milky way will collide with the Andromeda galaxy in a few billion years. Kinda makes all our attempts to find a new earth here useless if we cant escape our galaxy, right?

5. Black Hole Collision: Galaxys aren't the only ones who can collide, Black holes can collide too! Two Black holes, both called PKS 2131-021, are going to collide with each other 9 billion light years from Earth, and they are 99% of the way there, so watch out!

6. Metal Bonding: When two pieces of metal are put together in space, They dont come off! they stay stuck together forever instead.

Alright, this section has come to an end. Dont go though! There's more to learn! The next section is all about the Solar System, so get ready.

Section 2

The Solar System

The Solar System is pretty amazing. Lets learn more about it! Like the last section, lets do a scale. First we have our sun, a very hot star. Next we have Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. The inner rocky planets. Next we have the astroid belt bewtween mars and Jupiter, Then, we have Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. The outer planets. Yes, Pluto is techniccally a Dwarf Planet, I know.

There might be another planet in our Solar System! The astroids and comets at the edge of the Solar System are orbiting weirdly, and one solution is that Neptune is hiding a huge planet that is messing up the gravity. When scientists discovered Pluto, they were excited, but soon realized it was much to small to affect Gravity so majorly. It's smaller than the US!

Lets get to some Solar System facts!

1. Northern Lights: Earth isn't the only one with northern lights! Jupiter has blue ones, and Saturn has red ones! which light show would you want to see?

2. Life on Titan: Titan is Saturns largest moon. It is very icy, and might have life! The Dragonfly mission, is a Dragonfly-like Robot who's purpose is to see what really lies on Titans surface, and will launch in June 2027. It will take seven years to get to Titan, and in 2034, it will finally be there. We still dont know what launch vehicle will actually take it there, though.

3. Sunsets on Mars: The sunsets on Mars are pretty awesome! during the day, the sky is red, and the sunsets are blue! it's the opposite of earth!

4. Hexagon Storm: Saturn and Jupiter have some Cool Storms! Saturn has a Heaxagon Storm, and Jupiter has storms in the shape of Hexagons, and Pentagons! those are some cool shapes!

5. Venus Sky: the sky on Venus is far from pretty. It looks toxic! Here's an image.

6. The Moon: There's nothing special about the Moon, Right? Wrong. The Moon is very intresting indeed! The Moon is getting further away from Earth every year, and Earth's Gravity Makes the Moon have a slight egg shape with the tip pointed towards Earth.

7. Mars Rovers: You might already know about Mars Rovers, But they are awsome to this day Curiosity, Launched in 2012, and Perserverence, Launched in 2020, are still active! here's a link to a Vr experience of what they see. You will Love it!