Everyday Palettes for you!

Everyday Palettes

This is mostly a resource page for people who want to find their season. No informational paragraphs on here, although I will link some. I will also link quizzes and info on other parts of this topic. Now, Dive into your research! WARNING HERE: That comment section is currently a TEST. It doesn't work and sometimes isnt there.

Basic definition and other info

*Sighs* I guess I will give you a small passage about these colors. Lets learn the traits of springs, autumns, winters, and summers.

Springs: Springs look best in bright charasmatic and energetic colors, although they can be lighter or darker depending on whether you're a light spring, clear spring, or warm spring.

Autumns: Autumns look best in deep warm colors, which bring out their warm skin. Again, the colors vary depending on the type.

Summers: Best in cool, muted tones, Summers shine in dull and sometimes brighter or darker pastels.

Winters: Winter's look best in bold colors. Emerald green and fuschia are some nice examples.

Now, thats all you get. Well.... Hopefully it is...